Collaborations and Correspondences

Collaborations and Correspondences is a showcase, living archive and platform of collaborations with friends. After considering various ways of showing my work or organizing performances and workshops, I realized the most interesting aspect of my work (for me) are the correspondences with friends. These exchanges take the form of writing and drawing and include shared artifacts, like images, videos and files.

I’m interested in the social and personal space of artistic production: virtual (or imaginary) as well as physical (or real) ‘friendships’ that we participate in. The exhibition is a proposition for a way of making and experiencing art. In this participatory ‘Sharing economy’, everything tells they are our friends, from social media to customer service and user experience. But what is really your friend? And how can art become tools for intimacy and friendship? I’m optimistic that the open network of true friends based on unspoken promise and friendships will be the force behind realizing the change we want to see in this world.

The exhibition is an inviting environment for viewers to become friends, discover the friends they were unaware of, and also become friends with me and other artists.

A longer statement on the exhibition process can be found here.