Handmade Computer by Taeyoon Choi on Avant

Artificial Advancement by Taeyoon Choi on the New Inquiry

Poetic Computation: Reader by Taeyoon Choi

City of Makers by Thomas Twaites and Taeyoon Choi

Teaching and learning at SFPC by Taeyoon Choi on the Creative Applications

Diversity at SFPC by Taeyoon Choi

Digital Poetics by Taeyoon Choi

A letter to my students by Taeyoon Choi

Errantic Poetry by Taeyoon Choi

Notes on the Control Society by Taeyoon Choi

Disability Futures by Taeyoon Choi

Books and zines

Anti-Manifesto – 2012

Urban Programming:101: Stage directions – 2010

French Theory Today, An Introduction to Possible Futures – 2010

Roadshow: South Korea – 2013

8mm to nationwide  – 2011

How to produce micro public space – 2009

An Attempt to Make the Oceans Meet, 2012


Poetic Computation: The Handmade Computers of Taeyoon Choi by Jameson Zimmer for Vagazine

Understanding the Building Blocks of Our Machine World with Art by Roddy Schrock for Hyperallergic

Code to Joy: The School for Poetic Computation Opens by Amy O’Leary

Neriri Kiruru Harara by HG Masters for ArtAsiaPacific

Seoul Cycle by Kate Sutton for Art Forum

Two Koreas, Two Cults, Two Internets by E. Tammy Kim for New Yorker